Tyler McCargar

Age: 30 | State: | County: Orleans | Case Status: Closed

Tyler has been to Rehab in Pennsylvania 3 previous times .  The last time he went was March 2023 and was released June 2023 . During the time he was in rehab his wife told him the relationship was over and she wanted a divorce – so the weekend he came home he went back to the familiarity of his friends. He lost his family, his home and didn’t have a job. He did go back to work in the fall temporarily at his previous employment – after that it spiraled down hill- fast forward to February 14, 2024, mom’s birthday- anyway we talked 3 times that day and he was sober and wanted to stay that way and thanked me for always being in his corner- anyway February 19,2024 that call came. It was my biggest nightmare- autopsy shows no foul play and normal tissues/ organs.
toxicology comes back mixed -Molly, Meth, cocaine and Fentanyl-

to this day – our family knows no details of events