Tyler Champagne

Age: 27 | State: | County: Pinal | Case Status: Closed

My Son Tyler had the biggest heart and would give the shirt off his own back if you needed it.
He has 3 Sisters 2 older and 1 younger Kayla, Ariana and Trysten and 2 beautiful nieces
Kaydence 5 and Kassidy 1.
He loved his family so much and wanted us all to be so proud of him.
His dad he especially looked up to and told him that all the time.
Tyler was given cocaine with fentanyl in it from a girl he was dating
She has admitted this to us yet there has been no arrest or investigation. We have her on video and text saying he unknowingly took this. She guaranteed that his toxicology will come back with that, this is before we had any information of what exactly happened. He was breaking up with her and she had made threats on his life less than a year before.  Now she walks around with no punishment while my family has been destroyed and sends nasty messages to me. The system is broke and needs to be fixed NOW. How many more have to DIE and families suffer without JUSTICE?  I found my son in his bedroom on Tuesday May 10th 2022 at 3 pm that day that moment my entire world was destroyed.  Tyler was the comedian of the family he always worried about everyone else and would not ever complain. He would always be there to help and appreciated anything anyone would do for him.

My son will be missed by his dad, his sisters, myself, many friends and family whom all loved him so
much. He will never see his dreams come true to have children get married buy his 1st home or finish school.
We will never give up the fight for Justice for my Son Tyler.                         The World was definitely a Better Place with Tyler in it💜.  Forever 27

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