Troy Howlett

Age: 31 | State: | County: Charles | Case Status: Open

My son, Troy was in a car accident at the age of 17. He was still in high school and was accidentally run over and med flighted to a local hospital. In and out of surgeries and skin grafts and was prescribed pain pills for over eight months. It was too late to realize he was addicted to pain pills. My son was in and out of rehabs for 12 years. He fought, long and hard to get out of that slimy pit that he had fallen into. He kept a journal and in his journal every day he would ask God to please take this horrible disease away from him. He tried so hard. He can get clean be clean for a couple months and right back into addiction. He was a kind loving soul. the only trouble he ever got into was violation of his probation because of taking his pain pills. The longer the addiction went on the more closer to God he became. My son and I were super close and I told him a good way that would help him was to help other people. And that’s exactly what he started doing. Even as he was fighting  to survive he reached out to so many people and help so many people and brought so many people to the Lord. My son finally was beating this horrible disease and had been in recovery for over six months. Until one day he went out with his buddies, and they gave him a pill, but he didn’t take it then.  on his way home we stopped at a community mart, and as he was thinking out front of the store, he decided to take that one pill and did not know it was straight fentanyl. The store owner found him outside, but the police did get to him in time in North Hampton back to life. Praise God. I was called to the hospital  Where he was waking up, but they were detectives by his bad, telling him because he violated his probation. He had two choices. He could either be an informant and help them out to find all the bad drug dealers, or he could sit in jail for the rest of his probation.  My son did not want to do this and I told them my son was not strong enough and he had fought really hard to get out of that slimy pit. They said something like this well he fell today and it’s his choice whether he wants to sit in jail or he can help us. They promised us he would only do it twice . That was a lie. Three months of putting my son back in to an environment that he could not handle he started skimming from the pills. He was buying that the police gave him money for. He scammed one of the pills on a Friday but didn’t take it. He held onto it all weekend long and then on Monday morning when he was starting a new job, the pressure just got to him and he took that pill and it was straight fentanyl , and died instantly. He was in a standing position and fell into a preying position. I think God did that to comfort me. Yes, I have a lawsuit against the city of Hopewell for putting my son in harms way. I found text from my sons phone to and from the detectives where my son clearly tells them that he is failing test for his probation officer. They told him it was OK and to continue working and they took care of the probation lady. So I put a wrongful death suit against the city of Hopewell. I also had a lawsuit called an intentional tort. They invaded and ruined my sons funeral by arresting  and putting handcuffs and shackles on his best friend for child support during the middle of his funeral.