Tommy O’Hara

Age: 29 | State: | County: Ventura | Case Status: Unknown

Tommy was born March 4, 1992-  He lived in Newbury Park for 29 years in the same house with his parents Tom and Julia O’Hara. Tommy had three brothers, Shawn Julian, Joel Julian, and Jonathan (“Jon”) Julian. Tommy is an Uncle to 4 nieces, and one nephew; He’s a Grandson, Cousin, nephew, and an MBA student with a Bachelor of Science degree in History from UCSB (2017).

Growing up, he explored a few sports;  soccer in his younger years, and in high school, he played water polo- but he developed a passion for basketball. In his freshman year of high school, he played “Center” on the Junior Varsity team. 

Tommy was passionate to say the least. Once he found something he loved, he pursued it whole heartedly. He collected Pokemon, action figures, and many others when he was younger- but as he grew older- he quickly discovered that his greatest passion of all, was his love for fishing.

He was an expert level fisherman- From deep sea, to fresh water- He knew, and loved it all. His relentless pursuit of knowledge was not limited to reading material, and research- he learned by conversations, and practicing.  As an example of his dedication, Tommy would spend all day paddling his kayak on Lake Casitas from end to end, without catching a thing- and still be excited to go back to do it all again the next day. When he bought his bass boat- he explored new territory, new techniques, and sharpened his skills even more. He also learned to free dive, and spear fish- just to get closer to his love of the underwater world.

Tommy also loved to surf- and in true Tommy style, went all in on gear, and practicing without fear of the big waves, or falling off.

When he wasn’t fishing, he was enjoying his salt water tank, constantly learning down the chemistry level, how to create, and maintain the perfect environment for his beautiful sea creatures.

He had many other hobbies as well-  skateboarding, dirt bike riding, street bikes, trucks, tinkering/fixing things, and expanding his knowledge in the things that caught his attention. 

Just some adjectives to describe Tommy would be;  determined, intelligent, funny, strong, stubborn, brave, protective, gentle, loving, relentless, brilliant, creative, logical, passionate, caring, curious, unforgettable, and kind. 

We are heartbroken that Tommy was taken from us so young. He will be dearly missed by all.

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