Todd Ferman

Age: 52 | State: | County: Tulsa | Case Status: Closed

Todd was a loving father of 2 daughters, he had a loud and infectious laugh and loved his job as an airline mechanic before a shoulder surgery sent him into a spiral of addiction.  He died from heroin poisoning.  The person who bought, delivered and injected the drugs confessed to it in a police statement.  No arrest was ever made because police felt he was a “willing participant.”. He had been clean for several months waiting on a long term rehab bed in Texas.  The call came a day too late for the bed availability, the day after he was found deceased.  Later when the family pressed for an investigation, the McGirt Supreme Court ruling impacted the Tulsa County DA’s jurisdiction making this a Federal Case due to the perpetrator being Native American.  The Federal Courts are overwhelmed in Oklahoma with retrials of those already convicted impacted by this ruling and did not pursue the case.  He is missed everyday by his parents, daughters, brothers, his ex-wife, extended family and many life long friends.