Thomas (Tommy) Wilkinson

Age: 39 | State: | County: Jefferson | Case Status: No Investigation

Tommy was the baby of our family, had a brother Jeremy and  sister Erica, they were all best friends.
He had a daughter Kameron, who was his everything.
He was a Mommas boy and that was fine with me.
Tommy had been living in Imperial Mo. with his brother and his family as he was estranged from his wife.
it was the neighborhood he grew up in and had “friends” in the areas
on Thanksgiving night 2020 he was at a friends house with 2 other people (who we never found out who they were )
Someone there was responsible for his drug induced homicide poisoning him with fentanyl. His friend said he left and dropped off the 2 other people at a gas station when he got back Tommy was snoring and he went to sleep – woke up at 8 am and Tommy was dead.