Tevin Rumley

Age: 28 | State: | County: Stephenson | Case Status: Conviction

My boyfriend died on 7/9/20 only one day after successfully completing a 30 day rehabilitation program. He relapsed and purchased what he thought was Cocaine it was not it was pure Fentanyl and he died instantly alone on the floor of a gas station bathroom where he laid five hours before his body was found. The State Line Area Narcotics Team was at my door step the following morning. They wanted to know if I had the pass code to Tevins phone and I did it was all they needed to start the Investigation. His dealer was arrested the very next day and charged two months to the days of Tevins death on 9/9/20 for Drug Induced Homicide. It took time to get the toxicology report back but once it came back the Stephenson County DA filed the charge. It took two long years but Tevins sister and I were in that court room every month and finally on 9/28/22 we got a sentencing for his dealer. He was sentenced to 10 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections. We were blessed to have law enforcement so involved right from the start and support from the community. Not every family gets the support we received but my advice is too never stop talking about your loved one. Continue to go to the police, media ect. I hope that Tevins case can help set a precedent for other families and victims. Tevin should still be here with us and so should your loved one.

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