Tevin Rumley

Age: 28 | State: | County: Stephenson | Case Status: Conviction

Tevin Shae Rumley was just two days out of a 30 day treatment center that he completed successfully and was happier than ever. The evening before his nieces 6th birthday he was taken from us. He was planning on spending the next day sharing presents, stories and spending special one on one time with her but he never got to do so because his life was taken by a drug dealer who dealt him a lethal dose of fentanyl. He laid on the bathroom floor for five hours before he was found deceased. His family and girlfriend searched for him for hours before they got the very tragic news. He was taken way too young and was not given a chance to beat this horrible disease. His dealer was arrested and charged with drug induced homicide and two years later was sentenced to ten years in prison. Even though this doesn’t bring Tevin back, I know there are a lot of families out there that do not and have not received Justice for their loved one. We love you forever Tevin Shae.

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