Taylor Everitt

Age: 24 | State: | County: Clay | Case Status: No Investigation

Taylor was hit by a car in Nov 2019 and had metal rods in his leg. So on Oct 27,2020 I had come home from work and saw Tay looking on the couch when I asked him what he was looking for he said “a pain pill”. I asked him why he had a pain pill and he said the cold rainy weather what’s making his leg hurt. I asked where he got it from. He said a friend gave it to him. His older brother walked in the room and told him haven’t I told you about getting anything from your friends or on the street that stuff can kill you. Taylor said don’t worry I’ve got this I know what I’m doing then he went upstairs to his room for the night. The next morning he came downstairs asked his little brother Kaden if you wanted to play Xbox Kayden told him no I’m going to buy a Halloween costume with Mom. He told him okay and that he loved him and he closed the door and went upstairs to his room. I took his brother to go buy a costume. And then I went grocery shopping before I had to head out for work. When I got home from grocery shopping I tried calling him to come help unload the groceries both him and his older brother didn’t answer the phone so I got Kaden to help me and then I headed off work. That night at work I had an inspection. Kayden kept calling me and texting me and I was ignoring his calls because I was in the middle of the inspection. During the inspection I would text him and say I can’t talk right now and he would reply is Tay okay? I didn’t answer. After the inspection I called Kaden and asked what was going on. Kaden said Tay didn’t come home from work. And it was dark and he was worried about him he wasn’t answering his phone. I  told him it was his day off and he’s probably upstairs sleeping. Then I asked him you haven’t heard from him all day? And he said no I thought he was at work. So I told him to go upstairs and check on him. He put the phone down went upstairs came back down and said yeah he’s sleeping. I said you haven’t heard his music or him at all today? He said no. That didn’t sound right to me. So I told him to go back upstairs and check on him. He took the phone with him this time and I could hear him say hey wake up then I could hear his voice change and he started to cry and he said Tay please wake up. He said he’s not waking up mama and I yelled at him to go wake his other brother up and tell him to go check on tank his other brother ran upstairs and I could hear him trying to wake him up and he said it’s no use he’s dead mom. And I screamed on the phone do CPR and call 911 and he said he’d snow use he’s blue and he’s cold and their stuff coming out of his mouth but I screamed at him to do CPR anyway and call 911 and I was coming right home. I hung up the phone my coworkers are all standing around listening and I screamed at one of them who is a close friend they say Tay is dead and I ran and got in my car and drove a hundred miles an hour to my home. For God to make him breathe again. When I got home the police were there and wouldn’t let me in the house. EMS came and they were there for like 5 minutes and came back out with me screaming and crying for them to make him breathe to go back in there and make him breathe to let me in there and I knew I could make him breathe as frantic the investigator came out came out and told me he was almost 100% sure that this was a fentanyl death and I had never even heard of fentanyl. Taylor left behind his only son who is 3 years old. His son was his life. And now I deal with a little boy missing his father all the time. Kaden was 12 years old when he found his brother dead in bed holding his cell phone. The autopsy report came back the all he had in his system was fentanyl. No other substance from a pill. Just fentanyl.