Taryn Griffith

Age: 24 | State: | County: Lancaster | Case Status: Pending

My Daughter Taryn was poisoned on November 30,2021 with one counterfeit Percocet. Taryn was a very proud and loving mother of  Bellami,6 months at the time of Taryn’s passing. Bellami was the love of Taryn’s life! Taryn had MANY friends! She was loud and the life of the party! She was loved by many! The man that gave Taryn a counterfeit Percocet, has admitted to giving her the Percocet and there is a video as well. Even though there is a video and his confession, the US attorney doesn’t think it’s enough to prosecute. This guy has been in jail several times ,penitentiary etc , For dealing drugs and strangulation. As of now the case is pending. My husband Mike and I are trying to get a bill passed this January/February. “Taryn’s law” Drug induced  homicide here in Nebraska. we have Senator Suzanne Geist that is going to take this bill. Along with testimonies from very prominent people in our community.

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