Tara Stephens

Age: 27 | State: | County: Creek | Case Status: No Investigation

Tara’s addiction to opioids began as a teenager that stemmed from a back injury from cheerleading. As a young adult her boyfriend introduced her to heroin because it was “cheaper” than pills. They later broke up. Afterwards, she met the man who would later become her husband, who was a  recovering addict. Tara became pregnant and started going to the methadone clinic under her Dr.s supervision. After the birth of her son, she checked herself into in-house treatment. For the first time in years, she was clean. Tara remained clean for months. Her husband relapsed and soon she also gave in to the horrible temptation which caused her to accidentally overdose.
Her husband would not disclose any dealer information, or give up her phone so there was no investigation. To this day he is an active addict with very limited time with their son who lives with his grandparents.
We are certain he knows where the drugs came from and that he was with her when she took them. He “claims” he came home and found her unresponsive, but if that were true, I would think he would have givin the authorities her phone.

My daughter Tara was murdered by a drug dealer with no investigation.