Stephanie Lamm

Age: 33 | State: | County: Robeson | Case Status: Open

My daughter passed August 24,2021. A detective showed up at my door to let me know she had passed. From day one I was made to feel as if my child was a junkie. As if she was unimportant. My child was not a junkie but to me it doesn’t matter if she was she was still human and didn’t ask to be murdered. The stigma here seems to be one where they could care less. It has been I year 2 months today that I lost her. I have had very little communication about the investigation. Most calls are never returned. I was told the case will remain open just in case something new comes up. It was so nonchalant. What they don’t seem to understand is my child never wanted to die. She never wanted 100ng of fentanyl. She loved life. She loved everyone. Her life mattered. She deserves justice for her murder.

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