Stephanie Demello-Carmody

Age: 31 | State: | County: USA | Case Status: Closed

Stephanie was beautiful and smart…but when it came to guys she made poor choices…one of those choices she ended up dating a guy who got  hooked on heroin…she got lost in her addiction and eventually she and i became estranged ….we spoke rarely and two years before she died not at all she stopped talking to me…I sent her messages but never got any reply…December 28th ,2022 the doorbell rang and a cop handed me a card and told me to call NJ and speak with a detective…my heart dropped I knew something was wrong. When I called they told me she was dead and she had been found on the side of a highway frozen solid with no id on December 25th….they didn’t find any signs of trauma and then waited for the toxicology….came back cocaine/fentanyl poisoning..she also had suboxine and a psyciatric drug in her system…they said she had too many things in her system to get a conviction and closed her case…though she was poisoned by fentanyl they were not going after the dealers…because of her past they didn’t bother to do the investigating they should have…she was just another homeless addict with a record to them….though found on the 25th it was later determined she died dec.22nd a few hours before her 31st birthday on the 23rd…in my mind she will always be 30…she didn’t deserve to be poisoned by fentanyl and to die on the side of a highway… i was told later by people who knew her been clean for a few months she was fighting but fentanyl took her away and robbed her of her life…the people who gave her the drugs should be punished it was murder i’m sure she had no idea the cocaine was laced with fentanyl…

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