Spencer Newsom

Age: 20 | State: | County: Placer | Case Status: Open

Spencer Newsom, died (was murdered) on September 21, 2020 from an illicit Xanax pill. He was only 20 years old. Spencer is the oldest of three kids; all very close growing up. He was a very busy child from early on and to keep him engaged, played sports of every type, anything with a board or a ball and he loved his Xbox. Spencer also was involved in scouting, had a YouTube channel to teach yo-yo tricks and made a rap song when he was 14. Spencer’s favorite pasttime was playing baseball or umpiring baseball which he did for both softball and baseball at a competitive level. He loved the San Francisco Giants and when he was four he would say, “I am going to pitch one day for them.” Spencer had ADHD and we tried healthy diet, sensory integration therapy and the common prescribed medications. None were super effective. However he did find his way and by the time he turned 20 had completed his EMT certification and was accepted to the firefighter academy to start Jan 2021. He had a long time girl friend and loved his job at Chick-fil-A. But along with the ADHD he also struggled with anxiety and had self-medicated in the past with marijuana and anxiety medication. This was the height of Covid lockdown and he decided to trust the wrong person. We will never understand why he did this when he had full access to medical care, any counseling etc. Spencer had recently moved out into his own apartment with a roommate and after texting with his mom and chatting with his girlfriend took the fatal pill not knowing it contained deadly fentanyl. Spencer never woke up and we found him alone in his room the next day after not showing up for work or anyone able to reach him. He never intended to die. His case was investigated but we believe the police thought his death was tied to someone already under investigation even though we saw Snapchat conversations indicating he purchased from someone else and the case went cold. We were also told by DEA agents that who we did think sold him the fatal pill was charged and given 1.5 years for a federal charge of trafficking but not during the time Spencer died. Recently, a new investigator has looked into the details again and has requested the files. We are hopeful that with fresh eyes, new details will emerge, but no promises. A lot of the leads and information may no longer be available or discoverable. 

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