Shawna Vojak

Age: 37 | State: | County: Stearns | Case Status: Pending

Shawna was my second of four children and she was such an integral part of our family.  She was the go between for family communications and was always reaching out with some plan for a family gathering.  She was loved by her son and neices and nephews for always being available and supportive.  She had a history of substance use,  but went to treatment in 2018 and had maintained her sobriety.  She also had chronic back/neck pain and stenosis.  In June of 2020, she had a car accident and was asking for percocet from a friend.  The night of the 20th she was found in her apartment on her bedroom floor by her son and fiance.  The toxicology report showed an extremely high level of fentanyl but no percocet.  The investigator on the case told us it was homicide but to date they have been unable to gather enough evidence to prove where the fentanyl came from.  The day she died was her son’s 20th birthday.  She is missed beyond words by her entire family.

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