Sean Sokniewicz

Age: 24 | State: | County: Cook | Case Status: No Investigation

My son was a hard working college student who was putting himself through school while holding a full time job.  He became addicted to Xanax while away at The University of Missouri.  He came home and went to rehab and returned to school locally.  He continued to struggle with his Xanax addiction and decided to live in a sober house during COVID.  On April 7 2020 he went out with a friend from high school, made it back to his sober house before curfew, went to bed and never woke up.  He took what he thought was a Xanax but it was pure fentanyl.  He died from fentanyl toxicity.  My son was a good hardworking guy who never was in any trouble.  He was the president of the student council in h.s., taught a boxing class at Missou, checked on elderly neighbors and was the kid you wished your daughter dated.  If this could happen to my son, believe me it could happen to yours.  The sad part is that in the end he was looked at as just another dead addict, another overdose, but Xanax shouldn’t kill you and it wouldn’t have if it hadn’t been laced with fentanyl.

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