Sean Poole

Age: 58 | State: | County: York | Case Status: Pending

My brother Sean was poisoned by fentanyl on 9/12/2020. He has struggled with drugs over the years and has been sober for many years and then would pick up again. He has been doing well until COVID hit and he couldn’t attend his daily meetings for support. He tried Zoom but he couldn’t stay with it because it wasn’t the same. The night he passed he was on the best mood and so happy. He had just gotten a raise at his job and he was in a great mood. For some reason he decided to pick up to feel good and his drug of choice was laced with fentanyl . He had a very large amount in his system . They worked on him for over an hour . But they couldn’t save him. He was loved by so many people and even the Officers knew him so they tried their best. I can’t thank Corporal Adam Schmidt enough for all he did for my brother . He was so good to me through all this as well. It’s so nice to know that Sean wasn’t labeled by them as an addict he was a human being. The dealers who sold to Sean were caught and are awaiting trial . I have been I touch with the victim witness advocate and stayed informed of everything that’s happening in the case. I am hoping to be able to read my victim witness impact statement someday soon. Sean did not want to die he was poisoned !!!

Since Sean’s  poisoning I have been involved with advocacy for fentanyl awareness . I am involved in many different ways and with many groups. I go to many conferences, town hall meetings, rallies and zoom calls. I am doing whatever I can to have his voice heard ! I will never stop fighting until our government does something about this crisis. I have put up our  first billboard with the faces of our loved ones and will co to us to put up more. I work with other families who have lost loved ones . My goal is to start a non profit in Sean’s  memory  to bring education into our schools and to our town halls about fentanyl awareness and how serious the crisis is. I would also like to be able to help give kids a chance to be able to go to adventure camps at no cost to them. Sean was such an outdoors man and he loves nature and just being outside. He was an avid skier  and he loved fishing on the lakes in Maine. He lives on a lake and lives to just sit down at the lake and take nature in. He loved life and was loved by so many. He would help anyone who needed it. He was such a great guy in so many ways . A quick note about this is when we had his memorial it was right in the middle of COViD and still over 250 people showed up . He was just such a fun loving person. I could go on and on  about my brother because  his life was so exciting and he did so much. But I want to share that my goal now is to help get the word out there about this crisis and to get our government officials to listen !! Theses dealers need to be charged with murder . They poisoned someone and they died  because of it. Too many of theses deaths are ruled as overdoses and left as that. No charges are ever brought. These people are not overdosing they are being poisoned !! I feel blessed that my brothers dealers were caught but I dont know what the outcome will be. I will do everything I can to make sure they are held accountable for his death .
Sean  was my rock and I miss him every day . I have to go to the Cemetery to see him now and it’s not fair . So what we I can do I am going to do it. I will be goi g to Washington DC in September to March in the Lost voices of Fentanyl rally again this year. Our president and other government official are not listening!  We are our loved ones voices and will not stop until they listen! 💜💜

Love  you Sean 💜🧡💜🧡💜🧡


Melissa Poole-Dolan

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