Scott Bradley Curtis

Age: 26 | State: | County: Delaware | Case Status: Other

My beautiful was murdered on 9/10/2018. He was a beautiful young man, with the most beautiful blue eyes. He was a proud daddy of a little boy. Unfortunately, my son had a troubled childhood. This pain was compounded by a car accident and an ATV accident. All of this pain led to, at first, his using prescribed OxyContin. Later, when he could no longer get scripts, he turned to street drugs to deal with the pain. On the day before he died, he met his murderer to buy “ cocaine”. The next morning, before going to work, he did a line. Tragically, that line was pure fentanyl. The amount of fentanyl that was in his bloodstream could’ve killed over a hundred people, I want justice for my son. No one “ deserves to die” based on choices like this. Does someone who speeds in their car “ deserve to die”??? No! Does a tax cheat “ deserve to die”? NO!!! I want justice. Not that it’ll bring my son back, nor alleviate my pain, but I want this person to suffer for killing my son. I implore every person to understand that these deaths are senseless manifestations of drug dealer’s greed. Unless these murderers  are treated as such, with harsh penalties, more senseless deaths will occur. God bless us all. Rest is sweat peace, my beautiful boy.

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