Schuylar Montelongo

Age: 19 | State: | County: Allen | Case Status: Unknown

Schuylar loved volleyball and had this smile that would make just about anyone else smile.

She worked at subway and Walmart  since she was 16yrs old after she graduated she took some time off and started college a few months later. We noticed Schuylar started suffering from mild depression and didn’t understand why until her friends started reaching out to us about a young boy she was dating and he was manipulating her. We talked to Schuylar several times about this kid and his drug use through Snapchat!

On January 16 2021 my husband and I were celebrating my 37th birthday when Schuylar best friend called me worried about her safety so we looked for Schuylar and eventually found her very lost and confused so I rushed her to the hospital and begged her to stop going around this kid. She stayed away and was doing so good! I kept telling her how proud I was of her!

On July 4, 2021 I checked my phone for her location because she told me she was going out with some friends she grew up with but something inside said check when I did I saw that she was in a place I’ve never heard of so I thought ok it’s 4th of July maybe they went for fireworks?! My thoughts were wrong that next day I woke up early to check Schuylar location again just to see she was now at a HOSPITAL my heart drop I thought oh no did my baby get hurt from fireworks? Like all these thoughts came to mind! I found out that the kid she had been hanging around got ahold of her on Snapchat and picked her up threatening her friends she was originally with! He dumped my daughters body at an abandon, gas station and drove of while calling for help! I was so heart broken but thankful they were able to save her! She was poisoned with oxy that was laced with fentanyl!

We got her back home and again worked very hard to help her stay away from this kid!

On August 20, 2022 that’s when I got the worst call ever I got a call from Allen PD saying we need to get to the hospital that my daughter had overdosed, I was in total shock. We rushed to the hospital thinking she was going to tell me she was sorry and made a mistake and only wanted the pain to go away. When I got there we waited in this empty room alone and I just had this feeling something wasn’t right! The Doctor and Nurse came in and told me we’ve lost her! I dropped to my knees screaming “NO NOT MY BABY PLEASE GO IN THERE AND KEEP TRYING PLEASE”!! I never imagined seeing Schuylar lifeless body just laying there. No heart beat or anything!

I begged and pleaded with God to save her and take me instead. On 08/20/2021 our lives changes dramatically! Schuylar, my daughter was gone. I will never get the chance to talk to her or see her smile. I will never get to see her get married or have babies. I never in my life heard about fentanyl.

My daughter took a pill that forever took her life! Schuylar was poisoned (murdered) by fentanyl from a boy that didn’t care about her! He never got charged and he lied on the day my baby died he lied about his name and probably didn’t call 911 right away! Schuylar didn’t deserve to die she didn’t want to die! She planned on coming home that night! She promised her 8yr old sister that she’d be home and my baby never made it!

My daughter was only 19 years old she had her whole life ahead of her! Now she will never get the chance!

Schuylars life mattered! I’m hoping we bring awareness to everyone so that this won’t

happen to anyone else we need to change these laws on the drug dealers. I’m so heartbroken confused and very angry because I will never get to hold my daughter again I will never get to be happy again smile a real smile! It’s like fentanyl took my daughter Schuylar and slowly killing me! It’s not fair!