Sarah Stovall

Age: 33 | State: | County: Lake | Case Status: No Investigation

Sarah was an amazing mother of two children, loving daughter, and a big sister who worked in healthcare until addiction took over her life. She loved her pets and did volunteer work with her family when she was present. Falling into trusting the wrong people Sarah received fentanyl-laced cocaine and was poisoned, passing on 10/20/21.  Prior to, Sarah struggled with addiction for about 10 years in and out of recovery after being initially introduced to pills. She fought her disease but the codependency and addiction were stronger and she relapsed a lot. After she passed we were told it was a accidental fentanyl overdose. But the toxicology report showed she was poisoned having really high levels of fentanyl. Sarah was just 33 years old, with an entire lifetime ahead of her and she loved her children so very much. She was clean for 10 months and relapsed the night she died. We never received her personal items from the guy she was with. He sold all the evidence (her cell phone and deleted her accounts). There was never an investigation even when asked. As her mother, I will fight for her voice along with all other beautiful angels lost to fentanyl and be sure they are heard and justice is served for as many as possible. I miss her so very much, my life will never be the same.

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