Ashton Manser

Age: 22 | State: | County: Jackson | Case Status: Closed

My sweet Ashton was poisoned by Fentanyl on 9/7/20 in a Halfway House located in Kansas City, MO. He was fresh out of Rehab with over 6 months recovered and doing great self work. When his life was stolen, his case was closed just as fast. They presumed that He was a junkie living in a Halfway House. I’ve supplied them with a dump of his Snapchat which showed details on who came to the house and who provided him with the pills. I’ve written to the detectives with no responses.  The only response I’ve ever received is “We are looking for the BIG fish”
I even tried to hire an attorney for wrongful death due to the inability to watch over people and the lack of UA tests. My son was on probation and then moved to a virtual meeting with his Probation Officer and no in person meetings due to COVID.  The lack of knowledge from Attorneys to turn me away from a wrongful death was explained to me as “I’ve never heard of Fentanyl “, therefore; my case was also denied.
No investigation was ever done.