Samuel Rush

Age: 32 | State: | County: Davidson | Case Status: No Investigation

My son Sam asked to go to Sheets on Christmas night.  I gave him my debit card and asked him to get extra water for the dogs as our water was frozen.

I did not realize my grandsons father was with him and hunting for a ride to the dealers house in Winston.  Sam got the water and went to the herion dealers.  I’m not sure how or why Sam used or even if he knew he had fentanyl. I do know, Sam went out driving and Stephen got the car stopped.  Sam was narcanned.  Stephen waited for him to wake up.  He did not.

Stephen took Sam to the fire department. An ambulance came. They put Sam on life support. He never woke up.

Sam had Global Anoxic Brain damage.  He would never wake up. His sweet personality, his memories,  everything was wiped away.  Hospice came in. I did not realize they would take him off life support and let him go. This was on New Years Eve at 11:45 pm. He was an organ donor by his choice.  ( we should have been eating junk food and waiting for the balls to drop.