Samantha Morrison

Age: 31 | State: | County: Hampden | Case Status: No Investigation

My daughter Samantha struggled with addiction but was trying to get her life back on track so she could get her boys back. She was working full-time as a medical assistant and was really trying. She went out with some friends, apparently bought some cocaine and it had fentanyl. She had been going through the same person for years. Her phone was unlocked and although the cash app transaction to text from the dealer who picked her up and dropped her off at the place associates house where she passed all of that was on her phone still when she died in the police return to me her belongings but yet their words were we’ll look into it. It’s been 3 years and 3 months and nothing. Besides the devastation she left behind her two little boys ages 11 and 14. That’s the part that nobody understands nobody can fix. I can’t fix that for them. I can’t fix it for my six other kids who lost their big sister. Mom for once cannot fix this and it’s taking my whole entire soul. This needs to be taken more seriously. This has no race, social status, gender, or age, It’s ravaging our youth and future generations. The thought of it makes me ill. I hope someday there is a serious resolution.