Ruby Torrens

Age: 23 | State: | County: Sonoma | Case Status: Pending

Ruby had been living next door to us for a couple years.  It was her 23 birthday and we had gone to her favorite restaurant for lunch and also had another celebration with her sister in town for dinner.  It was a great day and the next day was a big tattoo appointment.  One she was looking forward to for months.
Ruby struggled with anxiety and had been asking to go back to counseling and was hoping for Xanax.  She met someone on Instagram who said he could bring something to her.  He snuck over against my wishes.  He was found passed out inside her place the next morning.  She had died instantly early that next morning.
We had to break into her locked.
We now know he brought her something that was 100% Fentanyl and he didn’t do it..he passed out from Meth or fumes of the Fentanyl.  Ruby only had Fentanyl in her track marks..not an addict.
The young man has been in custody for 9 months now.  Many count appointments and two competency trials.  He is currently in the care of Napa State Hospital due to brain damage from an accident in 2017 and his long term use of Meth.  The case will be evaluated in a few weeks.

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