Richard Frommann Sr

Age: 29 | State: | County: Ocean | Case Status: Conviction

My son Richard was born 11/12/87. He was my world. Blond haired blue eyes amazing little boy. He was in advanced classes all through grade school.
he was funny, loving and a true go getter. He worked full time since he was 13 years old. After High School he rarely had only 1 job. At 21 he married and had a son he proudly named Jr.

He divorced 5 years later but maintained a great relationship with his son. He started up his own car detailing business. He did very well for himself building up clientele who would come from states away to have him detail their cars. He was also working a full time job where he was being trained to be warehouse manager. He had a girlfriend and planned to have another child. He was so excited when she got pregnant. He screamed it from the roof tops.

3 months later,  it happened. I received the worst phone call in the world. My son was gone. The police started an investigation. They accessed his phone and found the information they needed. They found a conversation between my son and Adrienne Hreha, of South Toms River. In this conversation he reached out to buy drugs. He then had changed his mind. He told this to Adrienne. She proceeded to tell him he couldn’t change his mind. He asked for it and she got it for him so he couldn’t back out. He again told her he didn’t want it. She would not accept NO for an answer. She delivered the drugs to him. An hour later he was dead. She murdered my baby.
The investigation continued. They arrested her and she confessed to selling my son the drugs that day. The court case was delayed no less than 30 times. It stretched out over 6 years. A few times for various reasons they told me they  no longer had a case. It took me calling the ME office and speaking with the head ME to get the forensic pathologist to agree to go on the stand if need be and getting a private independent Forensic Pathologist from MO to review my sons autopsy and send an email to the prosecutors office with a second opinion of the cause of my son’s death.
After 6 years we finally went to court. They gave Adrienne a plea deal. She received a 364 days sentence of which she will have to serve 300 days. Yes, less than a year for murdering my son.

now as life continues on, despite the absence of my son. His 2 boys Richard Jr and Atticus Rich (who was born 3/27/18 5 months AFTER his father died) are growing up without their Daddy. Our family is crushed. Life will never be the same for any of us that knew and loved Richard.

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