Richard (aka Eddie preferred) Taylor Jr

Age: 32 | State: | County: Brunswick | Case Status: No Investigation

I took my son Eddie to court on November 15th for a traffic violation. We got through with that and he asked me to take him downtown to hang out at a taco place where his friend worked. His friend had a taco and beer for his birthday waiting for him. My son called another friend to pick him up and take him to his sisters house in Brunswick County. The friend gave Eddie heroin for his birthday and a little extra for later. My son went home and went to sleep but woke up to a loud boom. It scared him enough to call his girlfriend and asked her to stay on the phone so he could check it out. He’s seen on the ring cam around 8:30 looking outside the front door. His girlfriend was in Madison NC at the time. He was home alone as my 3 daughters my son n law and my nephew went to a concert. They arrived home around 10:30 pm and found my son locked in the bathroom. My oldest daughter did cpr until paramedics arrived. They got a pulse and rushed him to New Hanover county hospital. He was brain dead when he arrived and remained on life support for 3 days but due to organ failure we had no choice but to let him go. 2 months after his death I found a small substance wrapped in a folded paper with a stamp that said The Wish on it in my son’s wallet. I gave that to the detective and they already had his phone. 8 months later I had to call the detective to get my son’s phone back and ask him if he ever got the substance in my son’s wallet tested. He said it came back as heroin. That’s the only investigation that was done. The hospital could never tell me what my son took. They said they had no way to tell us because it all comes back as amphetamines. The ME told me that wasn’t true but since the hospital didn’t do the panel of tests to determine what my son took the ME report only says opiates as the cause of death. They didn’t do an autopsy either so I’m left with more questions than answers. I have the messages from my son’s friend who gave him the drug that poisoned him and his other friend was a witness that saw my son get into the car with this guy. Unfortunately the ring cam for whatever reason didn’t pick up my son coming home to my daughters house that night but it captured my daughters faces after they found my son. They walked in smiling as they were bringing my son a cake for his birthday that night and when the medics sent them outside the look of horror on their faces was absolutely heart breaking. I’m still trying to get my son’s medical records since his death in 2022 but didn’t have luck the first time I went. My son was never married but had children ages 2 and 7 at the time. The county clerks office said that his sons would have to give me permission as they are his next of kin. The whole system has failed my son in every way and me as well for trying to get justice for his death. I haven’t given up yet but have literally used all the resources I can think of right now. I hope other parents can get justice for their children as well. Don’t give up this fight to bring justice for the poison that’s killing so many children.