Rebecca VanWinkle

Age: 30 | State: | County: Anderson | Case Status: Open

Rebecca was a free spirit, very independent from day 1. She was the best baby, rarely cried, rarely sick, bottle broke and potty trained herself basically. When her father and I split it was terribly hard on her, she was daddy’s girl, and they went and did everything together. when he left he didn’t call or return to see her for more than 6 months.  That was hard on her. I then met her Step dad the one who raised her. She loved to sing, and we encouraged that, She would sing in school talent shows, accompanied by her “other dad” and that led to her being sought out by a lady who owned a country music venue called “The Country Place Jamboree”.  She became well known in the Ky, IN, and TN areas, she was dubbed, “Ms. Spunky Country”. Even performing at The Renfro Valley Barn and Eddie Montgomery’s Steakhouse.  At 15 she decided she needed more time to be a kid. We were not your typical stage parents, always telling her, if she needed a break she would get one. She then decided that she wanted to go live with her dad for a while. Seems that all kids do this, especially when their fathers aren’t in their lives. He was now on wife number 3 and she had a half brother and a sister on the way. This is where her story goes downhill. Little did I know that he was allowing her to drink and smoke pot. any friends she invited over he made them uncomfortable. She came home one time saying he had built a whiskey still in the woods behind his home.  After she decided the grass wasn’t greener on the other side, She came back home, just not the same. She started fighting at school, sneaking out doing God knows what and our relationship deteriorated. when she was 18 she moved out and quit school and I didn’t see her for about 3 months. I would get an occasional phone call that was it. It was during this time she was taking pain pills. She came home again at 22, to help me care for her grandmother who had come to live with me. It was then I suspected she had a problem. It wasn’t long she was gone again, coming home ever so often bringing in new “friends” with her. I would try to sit down and talk to her and of course, she would deny any involvement in drugs. Then we got a call, an old friend of hers said that Becca sent her a picture of her and this new friend with Heroin and money lying on the bed.  Well being the mother I am, went to where she was staying, barged in, pulled her out of the bed by her ankles, and made her show me her arms legs between the toes, anywhere I thought she would have a mark, everywhere the internet said to look. Little did I know that she at that time was snorting it.  It progressed to the point that we did everything that we knew to do to help her. Tough love, boundaries, even down to Casey’s law.  After boyfriend number 8 was in the hospital with endocarditis he got from shooting, and after overdosing on our back porch, she decided to go to rehab. She went for 30 days, I knew in my heart it wasn’t enough.  The day she came home, the boyfriend told her that she better not expect him not to party on New Year’s just because she was clean. That didn’t last long and she was with someone else, back into the madness, but this time worse than ever.  She got mixed up with some folks out of Frankfort Ky. Long story short, this fella was a dealer for a cartel and an informant for the Frankfort Police Department, we know this to be true as every time we went and pleaded with them showing them text messages, recorded phone conversations literally handed this man to them on a silver platter and nothing was ever done, even down to someone we know checking in on it, and she was told if she valued her job she would stop looking into it.  Fast forward a year, and her next boyfriend went to jail on a probation violation and she decided to get clean again. This time we tried something new. We took her to a Methadone clinic. She was getting counseling, she signed papers saying I could call and get the results of her random drug tests, and sit in on some counseling sessions. Things were good. She ended up weaning off the Methadone and was totally clean for a solid year. She worked, bought a car, helped take care of Memaw, even had to have gall bladder surgery, and handled it like a trooper without pain meds.  My husband and I were worried about when the boyfriend would get out of jail, and how things would go. We allowed him to come to stay with us and both of them were doing well, he got a great job and we encouraged them to stay with us and save money and they did. It was the best 2 years of our lives. Then, Memaw got sick and 17 days later she passed. I thought she was doing well, Then her dog got out and was hit by a car,  Next thing I knew, she started to exhibit familiar behaviors, lost her job, and then he lost his job and they left and went to live with his mother. Jump ahead another year, Both are struggling, and they both go to Jail for possession, on Mother’s Day of 2022. She is caught with Meth on her person in Jail. She gets sick in Jail they take her to the ER and even though she had a FELONY drug charge looming, they released her on her own recognizance and left her at the ER. She went back to his mother’s, He got out and they both went to rehab.  She was doing well, was leading a bible study, and was there 45 days when her Boyfriend was kicked out of rehab for fighting. He went and got her. She seemed to be OK.  He went back to rehab, but she didn’t, 1 month later she was gone. Her toxicology report said she died from a Fentanyl Overdose.  She was only 4’7″ and weighed about 110 lbs.  The amount of fentanyl in her body was 10 times enough to kill her and 25 others. She thought it was Meth.  We know this from the text messages between her and the person who gave it to her. We know the “plug” is out of Louisville. We also know that from text messages from their phone they knew there was a possibility that it was fentanyl but they sold it to her anyway so they could go get some more “fire”. Justice will be served, either here or on Judgement Day. The case is still open.