Raymond Come

Age: 37 | State: | County: Jefferson | Case Status: No Investigation

Raymond “Mikey” Come Jr. was a wildcard. He was bright, vibrant, kind, and down to earth. Him and I went on many, many, many adventures together- explored, played, and loved. I had the pleasure of being his significant other for 6 years. We went through SO much together, including being clean for over 2 years together in Albany. Mikey was a gift to all that knew him. I swear- I never heard him raise his voice, I never heard him speak ill of someone. Mikey was a gift to this world. I could be myself around him with absolutely no judgement. Mikey was a hell of a dresser- everything had to be brand name. I called him my “brand snob”. He was known to dabble in substances, and the day of his passing I wasn’t around. He was staying with a group of people who are known for selling drugs. At the time of his death, he was not doing heroin. The day of his passing, he was found unresponsive upstairs in his bedroom. He was beyond the point of saving- it has been said that he was given an intentional hotshot by the owners of the house, because he owed them money. Nothing has been done about this. Nobody has done a thing! Mikey did not deserve this- NOBODY deserves this!!! So many hearts are shattered- all because this disgusting group of people wanted Mikey gone from their residence. For the rest of my life I will avenge his death. I loved him with every ounce of my being- FOREVER 37- WE LOVE YOU AND WILL SEE YOU WHEN OUR TIME COMES!

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