Raymond Come Jr

Age: 37 | State: | County: Jefferson | Case Status: Open

On July 9th 2023 my son Raymond was found at 11 pm dead at a house he rented a room from. I had seen my son earlier that day around 1pm and he was in good spirits. He stopped by to say hello as he did everyday. He gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and  said I love you mom as he always did before leaving my house. At 11:30pm I got the phone call every mother dreads that their son has been found dead. A friend called me not the local police department. I ran six blocks to where my son was at when I got there  8 cops  were on the seen and no one was allowed in the house until a homicide detective arrived . I believe to this day that the police that were there suspected foul play, because 1 cop said their stories did not collaborate with one another. The police were not called until hours after my son had passed. Why because he died of fentanyl poisoning. My son laid on the floor dead for hours in his room while people ran sacked it and stole most of his belongings. The following day the woman whom the house belonged to was selling my son’s stuff. I’m so disgusted at that woman and the people who were involved. I won’t stop seeking information about my son’s death until the people are put away where they belong in prison. I want justice for my son. My son had a big heart he would help anyone he left behind 6 children and a family who loved him dearly. The laws for this kind of killing have to change. I understand at this point in the courts it’s a hard case to prove without a witness coming forward to say a particular dealer gave them the drug to intentionally poison someone. Which I truly believe happened in my son’s case. I pray to a God 🙏 for the crime committed against my son to have a positive outcome. I pray for the victims and the families who have lost a loved one to drug induced homicide we need closure and the victims need to RIP.

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