Randi Alexandria Solt

Age: 34 | State: | County: Daulphin | Case Status: Pending

My daughter Randi had been in the hospital for 9 days prior to being released the day of her murder. She was hospitalized for pneumonia with abscesses on her lungs. She had a chest tube put in to drain blood and puss from her lungs. I had driven a hour and a half one day to stay with her at the hospital on my days off. We had the best time during those visits except she had been in a great deal of pain and she had refused opiates for that pain because of her past history with drug addiction. She had been clean for nearly 4 years at that time.

Prior to being released from the hospital her dealer/so called, old friend she had met at a clinic for recovery a few years prior, had contacted her in the hospital asking her if she wanted “anything”.

My daughter texted her back stating she was afraid to use because she had been clean “for the last 9 days for sure in the hospital; and,  was afraid her lungs were damaged due to her history with addiction. The dealer proceeded to encourage her to use. My daughter was released from the hospital around 1:30pm. I had faced time her during this time until approximately 2:30 pm. We later discovered the dealer texted her repeatedly until my daughter finally conceded.

My daughters Fiancé who she lived with and never used drugs had no idea the girl, the dealer,  had been in contact with my daughter.

He didn’t want to go to work that day after picking my daughter up from the hospital but my daughter encouraged him to go stating she was just going to take a shower and hangout with their cat until he came home. He contacted her numerous times through FaceTime, text, and phone calls and , even, monitored her through the ring doorbell all through the day and into the early evening. His last contact with her had been approximately 7:35pm.

Meanwhile, I had been trying to contact her throughout the day and even but she would not answer me. (We live about 100 miles from one another.) I tried unsuccessfully to reach her around 7:45pm, when we suspected was when she took her last breath.

At 9:50pm her fiancé and his mother, who lived above them in a detached apartment, returned home at the same time from their jobs to find my daughter deceased and blue in her kitchen… he called me immediately as his mother contacted the police.

I drove the hour and a half directly after that call, however, I never got to see her until 3 days later when her body was delivered to the funeral home in our hometown where her service would be performed 5 days later followed by a full burial beside my mother. The case is under investigation at this time, nearly, 8 months later. I am told by the lead detective he has a solid case but he has not been returning my phone calls for the last few weeks. I’m devastated by the loss of my only daughter and youngest of two children. This is a nightmare I do not wish on anyone. And, I want legislators in Pennsylvania to change the current laws to make it felony murder for cartels as well as the people directly responsible for delivering the deadly poison to a victim. Regardless if they had, have or never had addiction problems.

If I got drunk and accidentally killed some one in a car accident in Pennsylvania it’s mandatory 7 years in prison. If I owned a restaurant and knowingly gave customers poison I would be sentenced to life in prison or death in this state. So, I don’t understand why dealers are not held to the same standard as they do know they are delivering deadly poison to individuals regardless of their abuse history.