Preston Taylor

Age: 29 | State: | County: Okmulgee | Case Status: No Investigation

Preston got into drugs at about 14 yrs old. Kicked out of school. There were no rehabs for young kids.  When he got older he was in numerous rehab programs. Didn’t seem to help. He overdosed many times. Once his dad came home and found him just in time and called an ambulance. He did prison time and still doing drugs while in there. Finally went to a out of state rehab, his girlfriend went also in same area. He got back a week before her And was doing a fling before she came back. He was going to shower and lay down for awhile. His son and I went to town. We got home his son ran to see him. He came to me, I hear the shower but daddy won’t answer’. I opened the locked door to find he fell asleep head over drain and drowned. I believe it was Gods way of  stopping him. He is buried on our farm where we will be also when time comes. We adopted his son and have daily contact with his girlfriend.

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