Pheonix Cheyenne Baker

Age: 27 | State: | County: Douglas | Case Status: Closed

May 22nd I got a knock on the door with the news of my daughter’s death she was poisoned with Fentanyl. Pheonix Cheyenne Baker, forever 27. As a mother this is the most excruciating experience that I have ever had to go through. No parent should have to bury their child. I miss her every day, her smile, her laugh, and her unique spirit. Pheonix set goals for herself and accomplished them all on her own. She was a good, hard-working girl, she just bought a house, had a wonderful job, and just started her family. She loved music, tattoos, family, and her friends. At the age of 16 she wanted a tattoo, so I took her for her birthday. She got a pheonix bird down her side and she has not stopped getting them. Every single one of them meant something regarding her life. Stevie Nicks is her favorite singer and she loved American Horror Story and Nightmare Before Christmas, well any Tim Burton movie for that matter. She loved the Nebraska Cornhuskers and attending any of their games she could. She had 4 fur-pups and a kitty. She has 2 brothers and a sister who miss her so much, along with her nieces and nephews who she cherished as well as her stepsiblings. Pheonix made a bad choice on a weekend of being with her friends and having a fun time. BUT She did not ask for fentanyl, she did not ask to die. I desperately do not want anyone to think poorly of her. She was such a great kid with an amazing spirit. She stood up for her beliefs even if most did not agree. She danced to the beat of her own drum and was not afraid to be different and unique. She touched so many hearts and had lots of love to share. We miss her every day. We love you to the moon and back.

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