Nicklaus McGhee

Age: 29 | State: | County: St. Louis | Case Status: Unknown

My brothers name is Nicklaus Dale McGhee. He was a son, a father to 3 beautiful babies, an older brother & bestfriend. He was the brightest, kindest &  smartest soul I have ever came across. My brother had an encounter where he was poisoned by fentanyl & was not receiving what he thought he was getting. They brought him back and  put into the care of a facility. The facility then put him on a ridiculous amount of medication, then sent him into a sober living program. That program had given him more medication & his heart stopped in his sleep. They were not doing regular bed checks and was found the next morning. The family left is still not quite sure of everything that has happened. We are trying to recover medical records and still figure out what happened. Its been a while but we are still hurt and don’t understand what happened during all this. As it happened so fast in a matter of days.