Nick Rucker

Age: 24 | State: | County: Nelson | Case Status: Open

This is my son Nick Rucker….

On April 23, 2021 in a small town in Bardstown, Kentucky Nick was killed by 1/2 an illicit fentanyl pill he believed to be a Percocet..

After taking 1/2 of a pill he believed to be a Percocet my 24 year old son Nick died suddenly and without a clue that would be his last act on earth..

No warning, no knowledge he was about to consume fentanyl, no battle, and no choice..and the person responsible continues this practice…

Nick didn’t choose Fentanyl.. it is called Drug Induced Homicide

I could not save Nick from an unknown illicitly made fake pill.. because I didn’t know they existed..Nick didn’t know they existed .. Nick doesn’t get a chance or a choice…

Nick is a beloved person and his life will be forever missed…Nick matters, and all those killed by illicit Fentanyl matter..

I will fight your fight and the fight of all those killed and blamed and shamed until my last day…

It’s not okay.. you should be here…no one fights alone anymore…

We are Never Alone Nick

Nick is a brother, friend, and the best Uncle Nick ever! He loves snow, cold weather hiking, playing guitar, hiking, skateboarding, rollerblading, camping, and connecting deeply, sharing , and debating all topics especially the ones society deems “bad”.

He loves to spend time with people in nature. He always shows up for everyone, makes you feel seen and heard, is incredibly empathic, compassionate, and unconditionally loving. He shows up for everyone no matter who the world may judge them to be. He is my son, my hero, my guiding light, and I will carry on his mission to love and accept everyone exactly as they are and make sure they know they are Never Alone.

I created the Nonprofit The Never Alone Foundation, Inc. after the Never Alone Nick Initiative tshirts for awareness and connection across the US and Canada grew our message and our partnerships in the Fight against Fentanyl killing our children every single day.

The members of The Never Alone Nick Rucker Foundation is a fully nonprofit advocacy group and our mission is to warn public against the imminent dangers of fentanyl, to end stigma and shame, and to work to change laws related to drug induced homicide.