Nick Platania

Age: 37 | State: | County: Dupage | Case Status: Closed

Nick battled his addiction for 14 years. He fought so hard through the entire time. He was in the hospital for surgery and they put a fentanyl patch on him for the pain. I believe that was the beginning of the fight of his life. He started with pain pills and then onto heroin. The court cases, the rehabs, and endless sleepless nights lasted for years. I know he tired his hardest. The last rehab led to a halfway house then on to a 3/4 house. He was doing amazing. Nick was a very talented carpenter. He started his own business and had jobs lined up. When he needed help, he went back to the halfway house and hired someone for as long as he needed help. His goal was to grow his business big enough that he would be able to hire and train people in recovery. During the 17 months he was sober, he worked closely with the Care Program through the police department that got him into treatment the last time. He was able to get 9 people into treatment through that program and so many others just by picking them up where ever they might be and taking them where they needed to be. At his service, some people spoke about him, I had no idea how many people he helped. He also loved to cook, he was a super uncle to 3 nephews and was just a giving person.  Nick was poisoned by fentanyl and xylazine. There was no heroin in his system. The police had his phone with the dealers number and the area that the deal would take place and nothing happened. They closed the case. Death certificate states accidental death.

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