Nicholas Morgan

Age: 40 | State: | County: Carter | Case Status: No Investigation

  • My Nick struggled with drug addiction for 20 years. He was a warm, caring, and witty fellow that could light up a room the moment he stepped into it. Nick had a daughter he adored, a caring mother and 2 brothers he looked up to. His struggle caused him to be placed in jail several times. He desired to be freed from this addiction, went to many rehabilitation centers voluntarily. But there was always someone around in his time of doubt to sell him the answer he craved. Freedom from the horrible illness he felt he needed.  Relief was always around the corner. A person ready to steal Nick’s life to make a $$$’ s amount to feed their own craving for money, power etc., with no regard for human life. These people/vultures must be removed from society. Obtaining medical help was always vague and expensive. They tried substituting one drug for another all the while feeding his addiction. December 2021 Nick had a terrible case of Covid. He was finally starting to get better. He came to my house as I was in the hospital. He was found dead in my house. Something must be done as we now have the epidemic of Fentanyl. May the bright light that was in this world that was blotted out by illicit drugs at least shine for justice.