Michael Vasquez

Age: 20 | State: | County: Riverside | Case Status: Pending

My son, Michael was such a caring, loving good son, who was man of the house, my best friend, and my rock. He was going through a tough time made some mistakes and got arrested. Three days later he had court and appeared to look good and healthy. Next day I didn’t hear from him. Around 630 pm I called the jail to see if they were on lockdown or something because I felt there was something wrong. Boy was my motherly instincts right. Later that evening I received a visit from a coroner deputy knocked on my door. When I spoke with him he said I’m sorry but your son is passed away in his cell. I immediately buckled over and couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I looked up and asked him are you sure?? Are you sure he’s dead? He said yes  I’m sure. I lost it and my oldest daughter had to take over from there. I have never felt such pain and loss in my life. He said we think it’s a fentanyl overdose.  My son had never done that drug before and I was told someone gave him a pill to help him sleep and he never woke up. His cellmate found him unresponsive but somehow he didn’t call for help immediately nor did anyone question why he didn’t make it to dinner and my son lye there for over 2 hours before someone came to his aid. Which made him overdose without Narcan at the beginning and as a result they were too late to save my son. Why? oh why? why ?oh why? Didn’t someone save my son. He was bright and many plans and goals in life. He was always there for his siblings and didn’t want anything but to help his family. This is my son’s story and I will share his legacy til eternity. MIchael Vasquez Mommy loves you so much and misses you every waking moment.


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