Michael McNabb

Age: 36 | State: | County: Merced | Case Status: Open

Michael Jay McNabb Jr.

he was an awesome guy. He got mixed up with the wrong girl. She’s a medical assistant at the prison, but I believe she got fired that she was injecting heroin into my son that killed him the police department don’t want to take action. I’ve also contacted the DA and they silenced us. Mercy County just received a big grant of money for drug education, but they do nothing with it. I want justice for my son and everyone’s family members specially, those that died at the hands of someone they thought they loved. I know there’s laws to prosecute these people, but the laws me nothing if the authorities won’t take action. I don’t want my son’s name to go down in vain , Mercy County people are dropping left and right it needs to be stopped. They have the funding to take action and refused not to how many victims do we need to have before action takes place I guess God only knows.