Micah Bottorff

Age: 30 | State: | County: Buchanan | Case Status: No Investigation

Micah had his motorcycle stolen and was upset with that.

He finally got it back and drove it to my house fix it.

We had a conversation and he was fine. When he would of left to go home he would give me a hug and kiss on the cheek.

He left with his cousin but he intended to come back.

They went to the gas station 3 blocks from my house.

He purchased what he thought was heroin from 2 individuals which turned out to be pure Fentenyl.

He was knocked out immediately from taking the Fentenyl and was found in the gas station bathroom.

I received a call from the hospital to come out immediately.

I called his father and everyone rushed out.

We made it in time for him to pass in my arms.

The hospital said the family couldn’t go back to him because it was a criminal case and he was to have an autopsy.

I kept in contact with the detectives, they said the prosecutor wouldn’t get a warrant for the video from the gas station.

The gas station had no problem showing the video of the transaction.

I called the prosecutor and he had nothing from the detectives.

Every week they get phone calls from me. I also have written 2 letters to our senator and a phone call too.

I’m trying to find justice for my son.


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