Miah VanHouten

Age: 16 | State: | County: Mesa | Case Status: Pending

My name is Tasha. At the age of 18 I was blessed with the greatest gift I could have asked for. My amazing daughter Miah was born! Perfect in every way. So perfect in fact, I decided that she was all I needed or wanted. My one and only child!

We grew up together. Always her and I. We make the best team. I think she taught me way more than I could ever teach her.

High school for her was a new chapter we were both excited about. After 7 years of competitive gymnastics she was moving on to Cheer! She was the only Freshman in our county to make the All-American team that year!

She struggled with coming to age as most do. She handled life gracefully.  She liked her social life and found being an only child boring. She made friends with everybody and was always so kind. The pretty girl that would hold you up instead of put you down.

The last day of her Junior year of high school she was given a pill. Just one. The people she was with panicked when she would not wake up and took her home.

I came home from work on May 20, 2021 with her favorite food in my hand ready to surprise her to start her “hot girl summer” off right.

What I came home to will forever replay in my head. She was gone. Well beyond help and already in later stages of death.

I wish we would have known that something like fentanyl was out there. We talked regularly about risk and risky behaviors, but never did I think one bad choice would kill her. Neither did she.

Her death certificate lists her death as an accident, but it isn’t. She was deceived to death. The people she was with told her it was one thing and really it was something else, something deadly pressed to look more innocent.

I’m not sure she will ever get justice through the legal system. I’m told the laws don’t give detectives and prosecutors any teeth. They treat it like the accident her death certificate says it is.

I know the truth. Laws need made and they need changed. Miah’s voice has been silenced.  I will not shut up.

I lost the most important person in my life, I lost myself, I lost my career, I’ve lost everything all to one little pill.


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