Melissa Wilson

Age: 34 | State: | County: Sacramento | Case Status: Unknown

My daughter Melissa had gone to her first day of training on November 29 th. ,2023 She arrived that evening happy she had gotten the job.,with her new name badge. When I awoke on December 1st,she had come home early after doing Instacart. She complained of not feeling well, and said she was going to go to urgent care. She returned after awhile and said she didn’t have enough gas to get to urgent care. I saw her in her room reading and I believed she was going to rest. I went in my room to get ready, and when I came out, she was unresponsive! Not being able to get to urgent care, I knew someone offered ( gave) something. My suspicions were right, because fentanyl was found in her system. This is drug induced homicide.  She was poisoned.  She was looking forward to her next day at her new job. She had plans and dreams. Whoever gave her this poison, needs to be held accountable!! This is murder and they have shattered our family. We will never be the same and our hearts are broken. I pray to be her voice and fight for Justice for her!

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