Melissa Dequin

Age: 42 | State: | County: Wayne | Case Status: Open

Melissa was lethally poisoned with fentanyl on 10 March 2023. She had a beautiful spirit, and loved more fully than most people seem capable of. She had potential. She had life. Now my family is left with a whole that can never be filled.

Her body had sustained injuries, and the medical examiner suspected rape as well. They told us there was evidence of foul play. But the Detroit PD refused to investigate at the beginning, stating that they will not investigate until the toxicology report comes back, even considering that they suspected foul play. It took over 3 months for the report to come back, showing lethal levels of fentanyl in her system.

The Detroit PD refused to investigate after the toxicology report came back, stating it was just another “OD and body dump”. According to the detective, hundreds of these occur every year in Detroit, and they don’t have the manpower to investigate them all. So instead, they do nothing. Then, they went completely silent.

Over a year later, instead of talking with us and explaining what happened, both the Detroit Police and Medical Examiner office have been doing their best to avoid us. The evidence has apparently disappeared. The more I dig into it to find answers, the more confusing or corrupt the story feels. There is something bad happening here that needs to be public information. Something needs to change. 

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