Max Courtney

Age: 22 | State: | County: Sedgwick | Case Status: No Investigation

Max was a beloved son, brother, daddy, uncle, grandson, cousin, nephew & friend.
He started showing signs of depression & anxiety in middle school. He didn’t like the way meds made him so lethargic. He barreled through until his sophomore year when he was introduced to marijuana. Max was in and out of boys homes, rehabs, court ordered placements due to marijuana & stealing until he was 18 & then it was jail.
Max’s dream was to own his own restaurant & call it ‘Eat to the Max’.
Max was very witty & very bright. He was a Duke Tip Talent student in the 7th grade when he scored 99 percentile in English on the Iowa Basic Skills testing. Much to our dismay, he hated being smart.
Max was a 17 yr old Dad to Carter & loved him very much.
The poisoning of Max was never investigated even though he died in the drug dealers apt. The drug dealer was only charged with possession. Even so, my husband & I went to every court appearance he had to attend. He received probation. At his final court appearance we asked if we could give a victim impact statement & the judge said “No, we were not victims.” That devastated me. Our child was poisoned to death & We were not the victims.
There was no justice for Carters daddy & our beautiful son, Max. He felt like all of the worlds pressure was on him.
At 22yrs & 9days Max did heroin for the last time.
He is still loved & missed beyond measure.