Matthew Benton

Age: 28 | State: | County: Ladson | Case Status: No Investigation

My name was Matthew and this is my story. I was 28 years old, I loved life and I loved helping people. I had a baby boy who I will never be able to see grow up. I was a tattoo artist and loved my mom and family. My mom will be telling the world about my story and hope to help others.
Matthew called me early that morning to tell me he was with this friend and that he loved me and would call me later.  I never got that call because by six he was gone. His so called friend gave him a vitamin that was supposed to help against Covid, The vitamin was laced with fentanyl and gabapentin. The friend put a blood pressure cup on his arm and watched him to make sure he was dead, then sent me a picture of my son dead on his floor with the blood pressure cup still on him. He told me he only gave him a vitamin for Covid and it only took 30 mins and in this text he even said where were you when Matthew needed you the most. His friend lied three times on a police report and even put my son on Twitter laying on his floor dead for the world to see. On top of the picture he stated “my new recruit it only took 30 mins and he was down”. He even posted a picture of himself wearing my sons jacket that was cut off of him and I never got back. There is so much other evidence too. I gave it all to the cops and they did nothing. The only way I know how to help my son Matthew is by telling his story

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