Mariah Suleski-Perez

Age: 26 | State: | County: Durham | Case Status: No Investigation

My daughter Mariah had just celebrated her 26th birthday and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Mariah was so excited & proud to be a mommy! Her very first night out to dinner with old friends she left the house at 7:30pm. Just 3 hours later I got the call that she had over dosed. This made no sense, Mariah wasn’t on drugs and she’d NEVER do anything to keep her from her baby. Per the 911 call made the person calling said Mariah had been doing cocaine ALL night. Upon arrival at the hospital no cocaine or any drugs were found in Mariah at the time but she was brain dead. The person she was with performed CPR on her instead of immediately calling 911 and turning her over so she wouldn’t choke to death: This was 100% a Drug Induced Homicide. The police did NOTHING!! The 911 call was all lies, it was determined that he waited over 15+ minutes from when Mariah passed out to when he called 911. And he watched her choke to death. Zero investigation was done because EMS was able to stabilize her & get her to the ER before she died. Once she was put in the ambulance the police went about their business, no questions asked. How does a healthy 26 year just pass out and choke to death on her own vomit?!? If we were told she did cocaine why was the test negative? They obviously knew the answer but couldn’t be bothered to care. I of course was in a state of shock and had no one to advocate for Mariah in my place: If I had been in my right mind I would of demanded an investigation before she was taken off life support. I went to the Durham County Sheriffs office a few weeks after her death to inquire when an investigation would happen. I was specifically told that they do not have the resources to investigate OD deaths. But this is murder I insisted. The most they could tell me was that they see this everyday and night and there is nothing they can do. I think that’s absolutely BS. She deserved more. Her baby deserved more: After my own investigation I found out that the bastard she was with was a known drug user & dealer. He murdered her! And Durham County Sheriff’s office did NOTHING!!