Makayla Green

Age: 24 | State: | County: Tulsa | Case Status: Pending

Makayla was a daughter, sister, aunt, niece, cousin and a friend. She was my beautiful sister, who was wise beyond her years, funny, incredibly smart, and a lover of literature and nature. She could always make a room laugh with her laughter and shenanigans. When she was just 15 years old she was rushed to Emergency Room by our mother as she was in agonizing pain. Mom recognized the signs of appendicitis and rushed her to the hospital just down the street. In the ER before any full elevation they gave my sister Dilaudid. After determining she needed to have surgery asap, they then explained to my mom because she was 15 and still had growing organs they needed to transfer her to Children’s hospital. That was when my sister was changed for forever. You see, also at 15 with a growing brain and organs she should have never have been given the Dilaudid.  My mother, and the family spent the next 9 years trying to help her with her on and off substance abuse disorder. Finally in 2021 my sister found Hope is Alive, a group helping beautiful humans reach sobriety. It was a faith based, live in, 18 month program. Makayla packed up and moved Tulsa to start her new chapter in life with HIA. Makayla was sober, no more meth, no more heroin. She was thriving at life, had a job, paid off all her debt, made amends, started college. She was 10 months and 4 days sober when she had had a very bad week. Mentally, she had a bad week. She made one bad decision, and Fentanyl took her away from us. We miss her every day. Her facetime calls, her contagious laugh, her hugs, and we don’t get her back because her meth had fentanyl. 16ml was her fentanyl toxicity, enough to kill 8 people.