Madisyn Warner

Age: 15 | State: | County: Washington | Case Status: Closed

No one, especially a parent should ever have to find a child laying in their own regurgitation, assess the situation and administer CPR. The image is unimaginable and will always be forever implemented in your mind.  At the time it’s happening you’re just going through the motions like a silent movie. As if your body is there but you’re not.

This is what happened to me. On 11/09/2020 I came home and went and checked my girls like I always do. I saw my middle daughter Madisyn laying on her mattress in the living room. Chuckling to myself as she’s asleep and missed my call to get a new phone. My youngest daughter met me in the kitchen. We hugged and went to wake up Madii. Smiling and laughing on our way to the living room. I take one look and I knew she wasn’t sleeping. I ran to the side of her and dropped to my knees. Yelling her name..Madii Madii. Feeling her wrist for a pulse I couldn’t feel it… Then her neck. The one that’s the easiest to see and feel…no no no no! Nothing is there! I don’t feel anything. Panic sets in. I yelled call 911! She’s not waking up. Still yelling Madii. Shaking her. Then I hear my husband say we need an ambulance she was poisoned. What?! It can’t be! I start CPR not caring about the bile that has seeped from her mouth.  As the 911 operator is still on the line with my husband. They ask if she’s getting any air. I say idk but I hear gurgling when I give a breath. Is she blue? Idk I just want her to breath! My husband said she was starting to turn blue but all I could hear is 12345678910 breath 12345678910 breath.  She’s not cold there’s gurgling something has to be working. Pick her up and lay her on the floor. The CPR will work better on a harder surface. That’s the last time I held her in my arms. Keep going 12345678910 on her chest. Blow in her mouth. I didn’t even hear the siren. Just keep on going. Madii please Madii. I see the first responders and hear this beeping. I stop. He tells me keep doing what you’re doing. More chest compressions. They start putting something on her that’s talking and beeping. They tell me they’ll take over. I just sit there on my knees. I don’t even remember what was happening I just feel someone picking me up off the floor and moving me away, out of site of my baby.

Everything after that is chaos in my brain. So many voices. So many people. Save her save her!  Please save her! Please dont take her from me. Then I hear my name I look up and turn. There’s the fireman.  No don’t say it! I’m sorry but she’s gone. We did everything we could. I’ve never felt the kind of pain I felt at that moment. Like someone ripped my heart from my chest.

Madisyn’s case was closed. Closed because there’s conflicting stories. The police can’t find everyone involved as they fled the state. Not enough evidence to charge. No justice for Madii!