Madison Feller

Age: 19 | State: | County: Will | Case Status: Closed

Madison had just finally found her way in this world. She just moved in with some girlfriends and was so excited for me to come and see her new place. She met a guy on an app called bumble (it’s a dating site but apparently dealers are now using these apps as a way to sell their drugs as well) and they met up where he sold her Percocet and Xanax. She had never experimented with these before. She was curious. That night the guy who did this messaged her saying “hey those pills I gave you are really strong. Don’t OD on me” she was already gone by then. She had 3x”s the lethal dose of fentanyl in her system from one pill. She thought she was taking a clean Percocet. We  painfully miss her every single day.

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