Luke Benson

Age: 35 | State: | County: Cook | Case Status: Closed

My son, Luke Benson, died on 8/23/2021 in Chicago Illinois from Xanax fentanyl poisoning.  His story is like so many others.  His case, was closed immediately marked as a “accidental overdose”, again like so many others.  Luke was a very educated young man, who battled depression and fought to get better.  He moved to Chicago from Michigan to “start” over, but was not given that chance.  The Drug Induced Homicide Foundation helped us to get a written request to the CPD, and his case was opened from Feb 2022 until June 2022, with very little movement.  It has since been closed again.  To say that we as parents are not being heard is an understatement.  Our children’s deaths are being swept under the rug categorized as “addicts” – We need more action and awareness on all levels or this will never stop.