Locklear Dale Alton Jr

Age: 32 | State: | County: Hoke | Case Status: Closed

My son passed away February 26 2022, he was only 32 yrs old.My first and only son.On February 25, my son was poisoned, this guy sold my son fentanyl.My son was a good hard worker with a kind heart.Somewhere between 8-8:30 Friday night my son started acting strange, He was standing in the hallway and was leaning back and forth, I seen my son act like this before but months earlier I told him if I ever catch him high again, I was going to show him tough love.My son told me that the only way he could get help was if he goes to jail and be ordered to go to rehab.So that Friday night when he was acting strange, I told my son I was going to call the cops and when he wakes up then he will know that I mean business about him getting help.So I called 911 to see if they could lock him up to scare him but the first offercer told me he couldn’t because my son was not in harm of hurting himself or me.A few minutes later another offercer pulls up and call the first offercer over to the side and they both came walking up to my son and puts him in handcuffs and said he was under arrest for a FTA for a speeding ticket.I made sure that I checked my son’s pockets to make sure he had nothing on him and not charge him with another charge.I’m thinking now my son can get help.That night I went to bed waiting for my son to call me.I waited all day Saturday still waiting for my son to call me.About 8:30 Saturday night the same offercer that left with my son was knocking at the door, I’m thinking that maybe they were here to tell me that my son was transported to Wilmington NC where he got the speeding ticket.The cop looks at me and says that my son passed away,at first I didn’t hear him clearly and ask him what did you say?I just broke down crying.I asked him where is my son,he tells me he can’t answer that because the SBI was taking over the case.I didn’t get to identify my son’s body,not even at the funneral home.I feel deep in my heart that something happen to my son while he was in custody and thats why no one wanted me to identify my son’s body.The funeral home told me that they never seen a body as bad as my sons to turn so bad that I have to have him cremated.They said his body was not viewable.My sons case was closed  last yr,but I didnt found out until January 24.The DA,SHERIFFS OFFICE AND THE SBI DON’T CARE ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED TO MY SON, I WANT JUSTICE FOR MY SON